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GraffitiBMXCop - How do you explain to a Toronto 2yr old that he is a double loser? #Argos #BlueJ...
9 hours ago

GraffitiBMXCop - So... How 'bout those Argos? Guess we die hards have to give it up for the TiCat...
9 hours ago

GraffitiBMXCop - Stoked that GO Transit Safety Officer Bryan Noble is putting together a business...
9 hours ago

GraffitiBMXCop - Always inspired by the hard work of the stage crew! Way to go Manu Astudillo @ma...
10 hours ago

TPS22 - Officer Rich and the 1st Lakeshore Cub pack.
14 hours ago

TPS55 - Drinking and Driving: perhaps the easiest crime to prevent.
2 days ago