The Way Forward

Recommendations & Key Messages

How We Relate icon

How we relate to the public: focusing on safe communities and neighbourhoods

Disband TAVIS

• This will allow the Service to focus on sustainable investments in building safe neighbourhoods as well as increase the Service’s surge capacity to respond to extreme events

Improved capabilities related to data, information and analysis

• Improve capacity to model demand and workload

• Enhance the ability to deliver evidence-based policing services where they are most needed in a way that is proportional, appropriate and more sustainable

Connected Officers

• Enhance capabilities by moving from mobile workstations in cars to smart devices for officers

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Access to Services

City-wide divisional boundary and facilities realignment

• Use demand and workload modeling to draw new boundaries and facility locations that take into account the boundaries of Toronto’s 140 neighbourhoods

• Amalgamate police divisions

More accessible and transparent information and services

• Develop a public safety data portal to encourage the creation and use of open data for public safety in Toronto

• Enhance the Toronto Police Service App

• Enhance access to neighbourhood officers

Affordability and Sustainability icon

Affordability and Sustainability

Moratorium on hiring and promotion

Assessing information technology requirements

Alternate or shared service delivery of Court Services
Alternate or shared delivery of Parking Enforcement

Alternate or shared service delivery of background screening

Investment in 9-1-1
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Culture Change

Introduce metrics that incorporate the insights and perceptions of the public

• Implementing a robust talent management strategy

• Partner with academia to improve training, increase accountability and further the professionalization of policing

• Develop an Innovation HUB to allow for ongoing professional improvement recommendations from the public and Service members

• Redesign training for new constables

• Design a more rigorous performance management and evaluation process


We’ll be where the public needs us most

  • Focusing on things only police officers can do
  • Partnering with other City services to address community needs
  • Referring matters to a more appropriate resource where applicable

We will be in neighbourhoods, on foot, on bikes and in cars

  • Neighbourhood officers will be available through the TPS Internet site and TPS App, with photos and contact information


We will share more information with the public through an on-line portal

We will place a greater emphasis on crime prevention and reducing victimization

  • Collaborative partnerships for early intervention
  • Enhanced police presence in the community as part of a neighbourhood focused strategy


We will be better connected through new technology

  • Enhanced on-line and over-the-phone reporting
  • New handheld technology for officers

We will support our members and ensure that all of our resources are used appropriately to achieve our goals in a fiscally responsible manner

  • New performance metrics and evaluation processes
  • Enhanced training for all members to enable success