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By the Numbers

In support of the interim report presented to the Toronto Police Services Board on Friday, June 17th, 2016, the following data compiled provides examples of changes to the nature of policing. Additionally, Toronto Police Service has compared examples of demands on officers with those of other police agencies across the world.

While the fundamental response to calls for service has not changed, on-scene responsibilities of responders has changed and is increasingly demanding. The selected measurements shown below are comparisons with other police services for budgeted costs per capita and officer to policing population ratios

Service Strength (now and then)

Number of Toronto Police Officers today.
In 1980, there were 5,412.
Number of Civilian Members today.
In 1980, there were 1,037.


Police Per Capita (select major international cities)

1 Officer to 539 People
Police per Capita Toronto
1 Officer to 406 People
Police per Capita Montreal

1 Officer to 483 People
Police per Capita Vancouver
Los Angeles
1 Officer to 397 People
Police per Capita Los Angeles

1 Officer to 221 People
Police per Capita Chicago
London Met
1 Officer to 232 People
Police per Capita London Met

New York
1 Officer to 244 People
Police per Capita New York
Police per Capita legend


Statistic Canada CANSIM Table 254-0004 Police personnel and selected crime statistics, municipal police services (annual)

Chicago: Using the 2011 sworn officer number, could not find data after 2011 as Chicago PD only published annual reports until 2010 Chicago Police Department Annual Report 2010: A Year in Review

Los Angeles: Official Site of the LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT *number at bottom of page

New York: Finance Division The Council of the City of New York Report to the Committees on Finance and Public Safety on the Fiscal Year 2016 Executive Budget for the New York Police Department May 21, 2015 - full-time employee numbers

London Met: Metropolitan Police: About the Met


Reported Number of Violent Crime Incidents per 100,000 Population

*Chicago's 2012 and 2013 data are underrepresented in this figure due to data incompletion issues reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The values presented in this figure are the sum of all violent crime data available.

**Metropolitan Police (UK) does not include sexual violations in the total number of violent crime reported, as they are counted separately. The values presented is the sum of all other violent crime incidents.


Statistic Canada CANSIM Table 252-0077 – Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations and police services, Ontario, annual

Statistic Canada CANSIM Table 252-0076 – Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations and police services, Quebec, annual

Statistic Canada CANSIM Table 252-0081 – Incident-based crime statistics, by detailed violations and police services, British Columbia, annual

Federal Bureau of Investigation: 2014 Crime in the United States, Table 8: Offenses Known to Law Enforcement

London: Crime Mapping: Data tables Year End figures (Fixed)


2014 Budgeted Cost per Capita


Toronto Police Service Annual Statistical Report 2014 - Business Intelligence & Analytics Unit Annual Statistical Report 2014

Montreal Police Annual Financial Report 2014

Vancouver Police Department Annual Report 2014

New York: Report on the Fiscal 2016 Preliminary Budget and the Fiscal 2015 Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report: New York Police Department, March 12, 2015

Los Angeles: Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Budget

Chicago: City of Chicago 2014 Budget Overview

London Met: Freedom of Information Request

Considerable amounts of data have been used to prepare the charts on rates of crime and the costs of policing. Here, readers will find data about the Toronto Police Service and City of Toronto, as well as links to other services, organizations and research.