The Way Forward

Terms of Reference


The Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) and Toronto Police Service (TPS) agree that the current business model of policing in Toronto is no longer sustainable. In response to the challenges and pressures faced by the organization, the TPSB and TPS have established a joint Task Force to explore opportunities to find sustainable efficiencies in the delivery of policing to the City of Toronto.


Develop and recommend, to the TPSB, a modernized policing model for the City of Toronto that is innovative, sustainable and affordable. The model will place communities at its core, will be intelligence-led and optimize the use of resources and technology while embracing partnerships as a means of enhancing capability and capacity.

Project Objective

The work of the TTF is to develop a sustainable strategy for the delivery of policing services to the City of Toronto that is forward-thinking, proactive, intelligence-led and which adopts a community focused approach to crime prevention, community safety, and well-being. This will be achieved through:

  • Evidenced solutions based on in depth data-driven analysis;
  • Measurable activities that demonstrate impact, value, and drive accountability;
  • Community-centric approach and collaboration;
  • A focus on partnership

Specifically, the Task Force will examine all TPS structures and activities with consideration to leading practices across all facets of policing from around the world and innovative technology to support the Service’s ability to deliver on a future model. This includes an examination of and making recommendations on the following with a focus on delivering high-quality customer service and value to the diverse communities of Toronto:

  • Core policing functions (per the Police Services Act) and alternatives for service delivery;
  • Shared Services
  • Civilianization
  • Outsourcing
  • Technological Opportunities
  • Structure and staffing
  • Facilities
  • Training
  • Partnerships
  • Performance Measures
  • Reports regarding organizational change and efficiency undertaken within the past 5 years.


By June 2016, the TTF is to deliver to the TPSB an interim report that includes preliminary recommendations about the future service delivery model. An implementation phase will follow with precise timelines to be determined based on the opportunities identified in June.

Roles and Responsibilities

TTF Governance Board – Jointly chaired by the Chief of Police and Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board and comprised of six members of TPS (civilian and uniform) and six community representatives, the Governance Board will develop the transformational program. It is responsible for making recommendations to the TSPB for its consideration.

TPSB – Responsible for considering any findings or/recommendations, including how any such recommendations align with the strategic priorities of the TPSB, the community, and the mandate of the Task Force. The TPSB is also responsible for ensuring that the proposed 2017 budget request and all future operating and capital budget requests include the capacity for the implementation of its recommendations, as may be appropriate.

TPS – Responsible for the implementation of TPSB-approved recommendations.

Task Force and Third Party Advisors – Act as strategic advisors and guides to support the TPSB and TPS in the above endeavours.