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Information about Criminal Record Checks

A Criminal Record Check (Clearance Letter) is a document issued by the Toronto Police Service, produced on secured paper that indicates an applicant has no criminal convictions in the National Repository of Criminal Records maintained by the RCMP.

A Criminal Record Check will provide the following information:

  • Criminal convictions summary or indictable from CPIC and/or local databases
  • Findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act within the applicable disclosure period

Criminal Record Checks are typically used for:

  • By-law licenses
  • Immigration
  • Employment positions not related to the Vulnerable Sector (retail, trades, banking, etc.)

Criminal Record Checks are not suitable for:

  • Employment/Volunteer positions that are in contact with the Vulnerable Sector (hospitals, daycares, elder care facilities, etc.)
  • National Parole Board or Ministry of Government Services for the purpose of a Record Suspension or Name Change

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