infographic showing a text Competitive Candidate and a silhouette of a person with a police hat, filled with words of various qualities a candidate should posses such as honest, fair, impartial, honourable, etc.

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to delivering police services in partnership with our community to keep Toronto the best and safest place to be.


Core Values

We are truthful and open in our interactions with each
other and with members of our communities.

We are honourable, trustworthy, and strive to do
what is right.

We treat everyone in an impartial, equitable,
sensitive, and ethical manner.

We value ourselves, each other, and all members
of our communities, showing understanding and
appreciation for our similarities and differences

We are conscientious, professional, responsible,
and dependable in our dealings with each other
and our communities.

Team Work
We work together within the Service and with
members of our communities to achieve our
goals, making use of diverse skills, abilities, roles, and

Positive Attitude
We strive to bring positive and constructive
influences to our dealings with each other
and our communities.

Freedom from Bias
We respect and uphold the rights and freedoms of all individuals and ensure,
in all of our interactions and in the exercise of our discretion,
we are not influenced by any prejudice or stereotype.