41 Division is located at 2222 Eglinton Ave. E., in east Toronto on the northeast corner of Eglinton Ave. at Birchmount Rd. The building was originally designed as the Scarborough Municipal and Mayors Offices. The building also housed both the Provincial and Municipal Courts until the late 1970s. The Metropolitan Toronto Police Force No. 4 District Headquarters, 41 Division and No 4 Traffic previously occupied the adjoining building at 1001 Birchmount Rd.

In 1978, the facility was converted to a single police station, police vehicle service garage and traffic unit. As Scarborough's population grew, police facilities expanded to include a total of five police sites to serve the community.

41 Division is the central lockup facility for people detained for court or transport to Provincial Detention Centres.

41 Division covers approximately 60 square kilometres, 10% of the total geographic area of Toronto.

Policing the areas that border with 41 Division are:

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Town Hall Meeting Presentation

41 Division held a Town Hall Meeting on November 19, 2019 regarding a new District Headquarters project, currently in the planning stage.

Presentation from that event is now available for download.