The main functions of Finance & Business Management are to:

    • Provide financial systems, materials, vehicles & facilities to assist the service;

    • Plan for the efficient, economical and responsible acquisition and use of its resources in accordance with established corporate priorities and goals;

    • Provide budget control and financial reporting service in a timely and effective manner;

    • Provide a high quality accounting and financial management service to the Service, to support operations and administration;

    • Provide assigned payroll support services to all administrative and operational units within the service;

    • Provide cost-effective fleet management services incorporating service life-cycle management and operational strategies;

    • Provide cost-effective materials management services utilizing resources mandated by the Board, as well as other services including contracted services and in-house staff.
Finance and Administration is divided into five areas: Accounting Services, Budget & Financial Analysis, Facilities Management, Payroll & Benefits Administration, and Purchasing Services.