The purpose of Information Technology Services is to contribute to the achievement of the Toronto Police Service's mission and priorities by:

    • Delivering an effective, efficient and economical support service;

    • Within the Toronto Police Service, virtually every core Policing process has become dependent to varying extents on Information Technology (IT). Examples include calls for service, incident response, arrest and investigation, case preparation, and policing administration. Our front line uniformed officers use technology in many different ways throughout their normal daily activities - these include radio communication with 911 dispatch control centre, inter office radio communications, CPIC & MTO checks, MANIX checks, email and voice mail, occurrence inputs, mugshots and fingerprints, etc. The Service has over 100 major information systems which provide staff with access to and analysis of data related to fraud cases, evidence tracking, pawn shop activity, towed vehicles, tagged vehicles, UCMR's, video tracking, firearms registration, and many other policing activities. Increasingly, IT is being used in more sophisticated and strategic ways, such as crime trend analysis/prediction and major case management.
Accordingly, in addition to compliance with the Police Services Act of Ontario and the Toronto Police Service Rules, Procedures, and Policies, Information Technology Services, under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer - Administrative Command, and the Director of Information Technology Services is responsible for:
    • Information Technology planning, including an ongoing industry watch and related opportunity assessments;

    • Information modeling of the business and its functions; developing and maintaining the associated data architecture, designing the resulting application architecture;

    • Operating a systems development life cycle, including business process re-engineering and project management;

    • Management consulting to the Commands on IT opportunities

    • Radio systems design; radio and video service and support; specialized electronics services to Intelligence;

    • Providing a Customer Service/Help Desk service to over 7000 users;

    • Operating a multi-complex 7x24 data centre and City-wide network;

    • Negotiating large technical and commercial contracts with the Service‚Äôs suppliers of radio systems and information technologies;

    • Representing the service on external committees such as CPEG, IJ, CPIC, advisory, City Liaison (ie, Corporate IT, Fire radio partnership) and at various committees and commissions such as; City Council, Police Services Board, Budget, Works and Emergency Services, etc.

    • Performing such activities as directed by the Chief of Police.