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Toronto Police Service reaches settlement with
Ontario Human Rights Commission

Broadcast time: 10:20
Thursday, April 20, 2017

Corporate Communications

Today, the Toronto Police Service has announced that a settlement has been reached with the Ontario Human Rights Commission relating to the Memorial Wall honouring fallen officers.

Since November 2015, the Toronto Police Service and the Ontario Human Rights Commission have been working together to finalize an agreement by which any member, including those who have lost their lives because of mental-health injuries, may be eligible for recognition on the Memorial Wall, if they meet specific criteria.

By October 2017, the Service will finalize a procedure that will provide a process and the specific criteria under which applications will be considered. The process will allow the name of a member who has died because of mental-health injuries, including names of those who have already passed away, to be put forward for consideration.

Today’s agreement creates an opportunity for the Service to respectfully recognize those who have died, regardless of cause of death, by appropriately commemorating those who, through their actions, demonstrated the noble qualities of policing and inspired those who continue to serve.

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