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Modernization underway at Toronto Police Service,
Quarterly report highlights progress on implementation

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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The first quarterly report was presented yesterday at the Toronto Police Services Board meeting, detailing the Service’s early implementation efforts that will eventually transform the organization into a new, modern police service.

Highlights included how the Service has:
• Created and staffed two teams – Project Management and Organizational Change Management – to carry out the modernization efforts;
• Completed six out of 32 recommendations;
• Realized $45M in savings/cost avoidance;
• Identified $4.5M in real estate that has been returned to the City of Toronto;
• Published and commenced a Change Plan; and,
• Updated the Modernization Scorecard available at:

“The key deliverables for the modernization effort will require a shift in the way we deliver our services, the tools we give our members and how we interact with our partners, communities and neighbourhoods,” explained Chief Mark Saunders. “We also knew that change of this magnitude would present challenges. We’ve learned that modernization will not be a straight line effort and the lessons we learn as we move forward will help overcome future challenges.”

The next quarterly report will take place at the Toronto Police Services Board meeting in August.

About the Action Plan: The Way Forward
Mandated to look beyond the way policing is currently done in Toronto, the Transformational Task Force (TTF) proposed a modernized policing model for the city that is innovative, sustainable, and affordable. The model will place communities at its core, be intelligence-led, optimize the use of resources and technology, and embrace partnerships as a means of enhancing capacity and capability. The final report - Action Plan: The Way Forward – contains 32 recommendations and was accepted by the Toronto Police Services Board in February, 2017 as the Service’s Business Plan for the next three years.

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