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Two men sought in Uttering Threats and Public Mischief investigation,
TTC bus on Finch Avenue West, near Ancona Street,
Security camera images of men released,
Men subsequently identified as Young Persons,
Photographs removed from previous news release,
Photographs can no longer be published

Broadcast time: 10:00
Thursday, November 2, 2017

32 Division

Case #: 2017-1938730

The Toronto Police Service requests assistance identifying two men wanted in an Uttering Threats and Public Mischief investigation.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, at 12:18 p.m, officers responded to a call for assistance from a TTC bus on Finch Avenue West, near Ancona Street.

It is reported that:

- two men boarded a TTC bus

- an altercation ensued

- both men became argumentative with the vehicle operator

- the operator was threatened and the men interfered with TTC property

See previous news release.

Please refer to Section 110, Subsection 1, of the YCJA:

110. (1) Subject to this section, no person shall publish the name of a young person, or any other information related to a young person, if it would identify the young person as a young person dealt with under this Act.

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Constable Caroline de Kloet, Corporate Communications, for Detective Constable Phillip Campbell, 32 Division