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A Statement from Chief Mark Saunders

Broadcast time: 20:15
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Corporate Communications

On Monday, I attended an Editorial Board of the Globe and Mail where I was asked questions, by numerous reporters, for an hour. Time was divided between talking about our modernization plan and the ongoing investigation into Bruce McArthur.

I want everyone, particularly the community, to understand the intent of this discussion so I would like to share the following:

As a police service, we put resources into Project Houston – a dozen full time investigators did thousands of hours of work canvassing the community, posting flyers, issuing news releases, interviewing witnesses, and still those activities did not yield any results.

I talked at length about the challenges we face and our desire to work with the community to move forward and be better. I am releasing the interview in its entirety so you can hear for yourself.

Chief Saunders' Editorial Board with the Globe and Mail.

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Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications