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31 Division's "Takedown Thursday,"
Raheem Kanem McLaughlin, 24

Broadcast time: 20:14
Thursday, May 24, 2018

31 Division

Case #: 2018-719457

This is the latest installment of 31 Division's "Takedown Thursday." We are requesting assistance locating Raheem Kanem McLaughlin, 24, of Toronto.

He is wanted on a Bench Warrant for:

1. Twenty-two counts of Fail to Comply Probation
2. Four counts of Mischief Under
3. Four counts of Uttering Threats
4. Two counts of Break and Enter Commit
5. Three counts of Assault with Weapon
6. Forcible Confinement
7. Nine counts of Assault
8. Unlawfully at large

His photograph has been released.

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Gary Long, Corporate Communications, for Staff Sergeant Norm Proctor, 31 Division

31 Division's "Takedown Thursday,"
Raheem Kanem McLaughlin, 24

31 Division's
Above: 31 Division's "Takedown Thursday, Raheem Kanem McLaughlin, 24