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A Statement from Chief Mark Saunders

Broadcast time: 21:35
Friday, July 6, 2018

Corporate Communications

Today, as I returned from holidays, I was made aware of comments that were made by a member of the Toronto Police Service.

A full Professional Standards investigation has been launched. Right now, there are conflicting points between what has been reported in the media and what our investigation has uncovered. We will get answers and, if misconduct is determined, the officer will be disciplined.

The modernization of the Toronto Police Service is based on 32 recommendations created by members of the public and highly trained members of the Service. The strategy is a multi-layered and sustainable model of policing that will continue to keep our city safe. Its success is dependent on the entire strategy, not any one factor.

We have had the full support of Mayor John Tory. Our focus will continue to be on enforcement while we work cooperatively with City Hall and all levels of government on the role they can play addressing issues that contribute to violence and developing appropriate responses to those who chose a criminal lifestyle.

We have always kept the lines of communication open to anyone, especially members of the Service, with valuable points to share and we have made adjustments to our strategy as a result. It has been very clear to us throughout this process that there is not one solution to these very complex issues.

We will not be distracted by those who are trying to hinder our modernization efforts.

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Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications