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Launch of Holiday RIDE Campaign,
Aim for Zero This Holiday Season When it Comes to
Alcohol and Drug-Impaired Driving

Broadcast time: 10:00
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Traffic Services

The Toronto Police Service, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and arrive alive DRIVE SOBER, today, launched the annual Holiday RIDE campaign with an Aim for Zero theme for the holiday season when it comes to alcohol and drug impaired driving.

The campaign will involve police services teaming up with arrive alive DRIVE SOBER and campaign supporters to promote safe driving this holiday season throughout Ontario.

Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs continues to be the most prominent factor in serious road crashes in Canada. Between the year 2000 and 2014, more than 12,000 people are estimated to have died in Canada as a result of a motor vehicle crash involving a driver who had consumed alcohol. With the legalization of cannabis, police and their community partners are placing special emphasis in urging drivers not to drive if they have consumed cannabis as well as prescription drugs that might impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

The Aim for Zero campaign will include:

• Police personnel and arrive alive DRIVE SOBER handing out 100,000 “thank you” cards for drivers, party hosts, and others who promote responsible driving during the holiday season. These cards will invite holders to enter a social media-based contest to win $5,000 in prizes, including Leafs and Raptors tickets, tablets, gift cards, and 407 travel by using the #HolidayRIDE hashtag in Twitter responses to @drivesober by midnight on December 31, 2018

• Public Service Announcements will air on radio stations across Ontario encouraging drivers to Aim for Zero during the holiday season (zero alcohol, zero cannabis, zero crashes, zero charges, etc.)

• The Beer Stores will display posters to promote the HolidayRIDE message and remind customers to plan ahead

• Toronto Police Service will provide a “toolbox” for police services across Ontario to support awareness in their respective communities

• Support from the Canadian Automobile Association, The Beer Store, Molson Coors Canada, Smart Serve Ontario, 407 ETR, and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment


“The holiday season should never be a time filled with tragedies. But alcohol and drug impaired driving continue to ruin far too many lives during this season and throughout the year. The Holiday RIDE campaign seeks to cut down such tragedies on our roadways to zero this year.”

- Superintendent Scott Baptist, Toronto Police Service
Co-Chair, OACP Traffic Committee

“arrive alive DRIVE SOBER has always embraced opportunities to include drug impaired driving in our messaging. Spotchecks, Experience the Evidence, and now Aim for Zero are just some of our drug-impaired driving initiatives. We remind drivers and social hosts that a collision involving alcohol or drugs is far more likely to cause serious injury, and cannot be taken back.”

- Anne Leonard, President, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER

“Ontario roadways are among the safest in North America, but our police officers know far too well the consequences of one bad choice when it comes to alcohol, drugs, and driving. Please make the right choice. Aim for zero when it comes to drinking, consuming controlled drugs of any kind, and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

- Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox, Ontario Provincial Police
Co-Chair, OACP Traffic Committee

“With the holiday season approaching, CAA is reminding drivers that driving high is driving impaired. Too many people are choosing to get behind the wheel after consuming cannabis and many are doing so after consuming both alcohol and cannabis at the same time. The Aim for Zero message is clear, if you are going to consume alcohol or cannabis, find an alternative to driving and arrive safely. Just because you think you can drive while high, doesn’t mean you can.”

- Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president, CAA South Central Ontario

For further information, please contact Joe Couto, at 416-919-9798, via email:, or Twitter: @OACPOfficial

Katrina Arrogante, Corporate Communications, for Joe Couto, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police