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Homicide #35/1995,
Dennis Joseph Colby, 47,
Case resolved

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Thursday, February 28, 2019


Case #: 1995-143583

On Tuesday, September 12, 1995, police were called to an apartment on Cosburn Avenue where they located the lifeless body of the victim.

The Homicide Squad was contacted and they started an investigation. The deceased was identified as Dennis Joseph Colby, 47. The post-mortem examination determined the cause of death to be extreme trauma to the head, consistent with a beating.

Investigators interviewed numerous witnesses and released media appeals along with a composite drawing of a person of interest.

The case remained unsolved.

In 2016, the Cold Case Unit started a review of this case and began submitting items for examination to the Centre of Forensic Sciences for DNA analysis.

In 2018, this case was identified as a case that would require further review for any connection to Bruce McArthur. As a result, investigators determined there were no identified links to Project Prism, Project Houston or Bruce McArthur.

During this time, the Centre of Forensic Sciences uploaded an unknown DNA profile to the National DNA Data Bank and it was matched to an offender profile. The investigation revealed that the offender had been staying with Dennis Joseph Colby around the time of his death and strongly resembled the composite that was released to the media at the time. The offender also had a history of violence.

Investigators also learned that this identified suspect died in 2015.

However, had he still been alive today, he would have been arrested and charged with the second degree murder of Dennis Joseph Colby.

The victim's family have been notified of the outcome of this investigation.

As no charges are being laid the suspect's name will not be released.

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Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu, Corporate Communications, for Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant, Homicide Squad

Homicide #35/1995,
Dennis Joseph Colby, 47,
Case resolved

Cold Case Homicide Resolved Homicide #35-1995,
Dennis Joseph Colby, 47
Above: Cold Case Homicide Resolved Homicide #35-1995, Dennis Joseph Colby, 47