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Queen Street Rush Hour Rapid Removal Project Wraps Up:
More than 1,800 Parking Violations Issued in 6 Weeks

Broadcast time: 15:30
Saturday, November 23, 2019

Traffic Services

Parking Enforcement Unit

Enforcement of the city’s rush hour routes and parking and traffic offences is a priority for the Toronto Police Service.

The Parking Enforcement Unit's Queen Street Rush Hour Rapid Removal Pilot Project ended on Friday November 15, 2019 after a six week initiative to address congestion during rush hour. During the project, improperly parked vehicles were towed to side streets instead of to car pounds, allowing for more cars to be removed during the afternoon rush hour.

The project shortened tow truck response times and facilitated a rapid removal of vehicles off Queen Street during the afternoon rush hour and allowed traffic to move more freely during these periods.

The six week project resulted in:

Parking Violation Notices: 1,818
Vehicles Relocated: 426
Vehicles Released-on-Scene: 66

There was a 71% increase in ticketed parking violations and a 56% increase in vehicle relocations during the 2019 project versus the same period in 2018.

During the pilot, program data and analytics were gathered in order to assess the impacts on traffic flow and vehicular congestion. The Toronto Police Service and the City of Toronto will be further assessing and analyzing this data to determine possible future recommendations to improve traffic within the City.

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