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Enforcement Reminder for Parks and Park Amenities

Broadcast time: 16:35
Friday, May 1, 2020

Corporate Communications

With the onset of warmer, seasonal weather the Toronto Police Service is reminding the public to continue abiding by the advice of public health officials and stay home as much as possible to help keep our communities healthy and safe. Travel outside of the home should be limited to brief trips for essential reasons and social distancing should be practiced at all times.

The Service, in partnership with Toronto Public Health and Municipal Licensing and Standards, has officers from Primary Response Units, Community Response Units (including Neighbourhood Community Officers), Mounted Unit, Marine Unit, the Public Safety Response Team, and other members of Public Safety Operations, as well as members from the Parking Enforcement Unit, patrolling parks across the city.

While education and information is the preferred method of engagement, enforcement will be used as necessary to ensure compliance with the following directives:

- All organized public events and social gatherings of over five people are prohibited

- Use of all City-owned playgrounds; play structures and equipment; sports facilities and multi-use fields; soccer fields; basketball courts; baseball diamonds; tennis, platform tennis, table tennis and pickleball courts; off-leash dog areas; skateboard and BMX parks; picnic areas and shelters; fixed or portable barbecues; outdoor exercise equipment; greenhouses, nurseries and conservatories; zoos and farms; golf courses and frisbee golf locations; allotment and community gardens; ice rinks (with or without ice); park washrooms/shelters; and marinas, is prohibited

- All parking lots attached to the City of Toronto parks system, are closed

Park and ravine green spaces, beaches, trails, boardwalks, and city squares are open but remaining in these areas, for longer than an incidental period, closer than 2 metres to any other person who is not a member of the same household, is prohibited.

Discretion is used when approaching anyone using a park bench but the public is reminded these locations are not properly cleaned. City physical distancing by-laws and Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act orders related to social gatherings still apply. This means enforcement may still occur if someone is sitting on a park bench within 2 metres of anyone else they don’t reside with or if someone is sitting on a park bench in a group of more than five people.

Parking Enforcement has received several complaints regarding parking around city parks. Most parking rules have been relaxed during this time. However, enforcement will take place in order to ensure the safe flow of traffic and pedestrian safety. Vehicles found to be in non-compliance will be ticketed and towed, if necessary.

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Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications