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Chief Mark Saunders' Comments,
Vandalism-related arrests of July 18, 2020

Broadcast time: 17:20
Sunday, July 19, 2020

Corporate Communications

Case #: 2020-1333114

In an effort to ensure transparency and that the facts are available to the public, the Toronto Police Service is providing further information related to the July 18, 2020 arrests of three adults, ages 35, 35 and 47, for allegedly vandalizing property.

The charges were announced in a Toronto Police Service news release issued on July, 18, 2020. See previous release.

The three arrests were made in accordance with the law and all rights were respected. There was nothing unique about these arrests or the process which followed.

Chief Mark Saunders said, “Some have chosen to perpetuate a false narrative about the access to Counsel and the custody of these three individuals. As is the case in all similar arrests, each of these individuals was provided the opportunity to sign a release, agreeing to appear in court. Each had access to counsel in the mid afternoon. Despite two indicating they would seek release, they later refused and instead chose to remain in custody for many hours longer than was required and in to the evening and early morning hours. It is important in these critical moments that the truth be told by all sides.”

The Chief continued, “We record these processes, and the moment that Counsel was selected, access was provided. It is unfortunate that a narrative has been manufactured that does not further the very real issues we are facing with Anti Black systemic racism, and the dialogue around the police and the community.”

He continued, “The Toronto Police Service is committed to being as transparent and accountable as possible, but the reality is that there is a lot of misinformation being put out there on this matter with the intent to create division, instead of uniting people.”

The Chief said, “Most of the many protests in Toronto, which have been successful in getting people’s attention and focus, have been peaceful and lawful. I expect and hope that will continue. The Toronto Police Service supports the right of the public to demonstrate and protest and we will always be there to keep the peace. We just ask that the truth be told when we have these moments as a city.”

Following the booking of the charges, each of the three arrested individuals were informed that they were eligible for release. Two indicated they would choose that option.

The TPS facilitated calls to Counsel for each individual and each spoke with Counsel between 3:30 and 3:59 pm on Saturday afternoon, once their preferred Counsel responded to repeated calls from police.
That afternoon, all three refused to the release conditions, which are standard and include a promise to appear in court.

Each arrested individual could have been released during the afternoon of Saturday, July 18, 2020 but they declined.

The proceedings are recorded and will be provided as evidence for court proceedings.

In the early hours of Sunday, July 19, 2020, all three agreed to be released. The females were released from 55 Division at 1:09 am and 1:47 am, and the male was released from 14 Division at 2:29 am.

Corporate Communications, the Toronto Police Service