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Chief James Ramer responds to provincial government's investment in mental health services,
Expansion of Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams

Broadcast time: 14:40
Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Unit: Corporate Communications
Phone: 416-808-7100

Chief James Ramer, Toronto Police Service is pleased with today’s announcement from the provincial government. The Service has been working on a number of enhancements to mental health response and this additional support will allow for the expansion of the number of Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams that serve the city of Toronto.

"The Toronto Police Service receives 80-100 mental health related calls a day. In many cases, a police response is necessary but there are calls for service that could benefit from an alternative response," said Chief of Police James Ramer.

He continued, "More Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams will mean more availability of specially-trained police officers and nurses on the road together, ready to help and respond to crisis calls, which are often very dynamic situations."

Created 20 years ago, the Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams currently cover every Division in the city and operate seven days a week, generally during the hours of 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. These teams responded to more than 6,400 calls in 2019, 1,549 of which they were the first responders on scene. Today’s announcement will mean more MCITs working more hours during the day and increased availability to respond to more calls for service.

Other enhancements currently underway include:

- changing the uniform to a more approachable design;

- new job selection criteria and evaluation processes for officers assigned to the M.C.I.T.;

- enhanced annual training for the M.C.I.T. to include anti-Black racism; and

- a non-police community-based response opportunity which would include crisis workers working alongside 9-1-1 call-takers in an effort to divert more calls from a police response.

"This investment will further support the Service in doing our jobs to the best of our abilities and is good news for our community, for the Service and for our city partners in healthcare and mental health," continued Chief Ramer.

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