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TPS Operations: Response to Rapid Spread of Omicron

Broadcast time: 12:15
Date: Friday, December 24, 2021
Unit: Corporate Communications
Phone: 416-808-7100

As public health officials continue to raise concerns about the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, the Toronto Police Service has a responsibility to ensure public safety, and protect our members and their families.

In response to increasing cases across the Service, all of our divisional Priority Response Units will prepare to work 12-hour shifts, both day and night, effective Monday January 3, 2022. Not only does this mean we maintain a full 24-hour response, but if we do need to make operational adjustments across the Service due to COVID-19 impacts, we can transition members smoothly.

“Ensuring public safety is always our top priority and we continue to monitor the situation and make any operational adjustments to ensure our officers are where the public needs us most,” said Chief of Police James Ramer. “The Toronto Police Service, like all emergency services, have robust staffing plans in place for situations like this to maintain frontline services and we continue to work with our specialized Emergency Management, Public Order Unit and public health officials.”

As the pandemic evolves and cases increase across the city, TPS continues to assess all areas of operation and are committed to every reasonable effort to maintain business continuity and member safety. Further changes and temporary redeployment of members may be required as we move forward.

The health and safety of the public and our members is of the utmost importance and we appreciate our members' professional commitment during these unprecedented times.

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