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Toronto Crime Stoppers Recognizes Record-Setting Year

Broadcast time: 14:00
Date: Thursday, January 6, 2022
Unit: Crime Stoppers
Phone: 416-808-7260

In recognition of January being Crime Stoppers Month, the Toronto Crime Stoppers program has announced record-setting numbers for 2021. Despite the pressures of working within a global pandemic, the program was able to process 7,102 tips, having a significant impact on crime and community safety in the city.

The results of these tips contributed to the solving of eight homicides (100% increase), 105 arrests (57% increase), the laying of 780 charges (212% increase), and the seizure of 18 firearms (200% increase). For a highlight of these statistics, click here.

"Toronto Crime Stoppers continues to be a valuable partner for the Toronto Police Service," said Chief of Police James Ramer. "Every year this program is responsible for processing thousands of tips that help our investigators make arrests, lay charges, and seize firearms, stolen property and illicit drugs. By building trust with the public and encouraging donations that are re-invested back into our neighbourhoods, our communities are safer because of Toronto Crime Stoppers."

Along with record-setting statistics from 2021, Toronto Crime Stoppers is also going into 2022 with a number of successful campaigns and international recognitions. As it rebranded into a Community Rewards Program, investments in neighbourhood improvement strategies rather than individual rewards, Toronto Crime Stoppers also launched its Second Edition of the Captain Canuck comic and its Coordinator and Chair were recognized with provincial awards by the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers.

"Toronto continues to have one of the largest and most successful Crime Stoppers programs in the world," said Mayor John Tory. "Community safety really is a shared responsibility and the citizens of this great city help Crime Stoppers every single year to do their part. Programs and initiatives based on trusted partnerships between the police and the community are the future of this city and we are fortunate to have the Toronto Crime Stoppers program leading the way."

"The Toronto Police Services Board commends Toronto Crime Stoppers for yet another successful year, as the program continues to mobilize the community to anonymously report information on crime, a powerful demonstration of what we can achieve when the police and the public work together in partnership," said Chair Jim Hart. "Tips from Crime Stoppers are making a concrete, vital and impressive impact on community safety: indeed, in 2021, tips from the program led to the solving of eight homicides, an extraordinary achievement."

Since the Toronto Crime Stoppers program launched in 1984, it has taken more than 177,000 tips, resulting in over 11,400 arrests, over 39,300 charges laid, and the seizure of $65.5 million in property nearly $317 million in illegal drugs.

"Toronto Crime Stoppers remains resilient in our efforts to combat crime issues across the city and through the Community Reward Program model we reinforce the mindset that Community Safety Is A Shared Responsibility," said Sean Sportun, Chair of Toronto Crime Stoppers. "The success of our program, seeing record setting statistics from 2021, is a testament to the community we serve that empowers a movement of a crime free Toronto."

See It, Say It, Stop It. Doing What’s Right Is Its Own Reward.

For further information, please contact Crime Stoppers Coordinator, Detective Marc Madramootoo at 416-808-7260 or Toronto Crime Stoppers, Chair Sean Sportun, at 416-904-3805.

Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications, for Toronto Crime Stoppers

Toronto Crime Stoppers Recognizes Record-Setting Year

Toronto Crime Stoppers Celebrate Record-Setting Year
Above: Toronto Crime Stoppers Celebrate Record-Setting Year