Central Paid Duty Office

Paid Duty Rate Increase

Please note starting January 1, 2022, the hourly rates are increasing!

Police Constables (all classifications) $78.50 (minimum $235.50)
Sergeants (when in charge of 4 or more police officers) $89.00 (minimum $267.00)
Staff Sergeant (when in charge of 10 or more police officers) $98.00 (minimum $294.00)
Central Paid Duty Office Accounting Department

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday:       8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Excluding Statutory Holidays)

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m.to 4:00 p.m.
(Excluding Statutory Holidays)

Contact information:
Phone: 416-808-7880
Fax: 416-808-5042
Email: cpdoinquiries@torontopolice.on.ca

Contact information:
40 College St.,
10th floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2J3
Email: paidduties.accounting@torontopolice.on.ca

Helpful links:

Helpful links:

** No paid duty requests, revisions or cancellations will be processed when the office is closed**

* Late payments may result in the inability to process the paid duty request in the prescribed timelines.*


Requesting a PAID DUTY

Off-duty officers are available for hire to provide police presence for a range of functions, including:

Traffic control, direction and security functions.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact the paid duty office for assistance.

Are you a NEW customer?
Proceed to step #1
Are you an EXISTING customer?
Proceed to step #3
#1 ALL new customers require a customer number (also known as a TPS Account Number).
Please complete a “Request for a New Customer Account (TPS743)”.
This form is to be emailed to: newcustomer@torontopolice.on.ca.
Timelines: this process may take up to (2) weeks to complete.
#2 You will receive your customer number from the Toronto Police Service’s accounting department (via email).
#3 Using your customer number, complete a “Paid Duty Request Form (TPS784)”.
This form is to be sent to newrequests@torontopolice.on.ca
Timelines: Security paid duty details require a minimum of (2) weeks notice to process.
Traffic paid duty details require a minimum of (5) days notice to process.
#4 You will receive an email which will include: ID #’s and an estimate of the cost associated with your paid duty request.
Proceed to our online payment website pay.torontopolice.on.ca.
“How to Pay Online” PDF guide.
#5 Once payment has been processed, you will get an email advising you your request has been “Posted” for officers to apply for.
#6 Once an officer has been awarded your paid duty, you will get an email advising you that your request has been “Awarded”.
#7 If you require changes to your paid duty request, please email: changes@torontopolice.on.ca
Should you encounter any questions during this process please refer to our
Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the Paid Duty Office for assistance at cpdoinquiries@torontopolice.on.ca.