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Frequently Asked Questions




This is my first time requesting a paid duty. What do I do?
In order to hire an officer, new customers are required to open an account by completing the New Customer Account form. After you receive your account number, you can fill out the Paid Duty Request form and email it to the Central Paid Duty Office (CPDO) at newrequests@torontopolice.on.ca
What are the rates and fees associated with requesting a paid duty officer?
Please see our Rates page and the Terms of Agreement (printable document for your records only).
How do I know if my request was received?
Once your request is approved and processed you will get an automatic e-mail notification from the paid duty system. Due to the volume of requests received, CPDO will only contact you if there is an issue with your request.
Is my paid duty request guaranteed to be filled?
No, paid duties are performed by off duty officers and are subject to their availability. The Service makes best efforts to fill all paid duty requests, but there are no guarantees. Generally, the earlier the request is received, the greater the chance of it getting filled.
How will I be notified if my request is filled or unfilled?
Once your request is filled the paid duty system will send an automatic e-mail. If the paid duty cannot be filled, CPDO will void the paid duty and the system will send out an automatic e-mail notification.
How do I revise or cancel a request?
: Requests to cancel or revise a paid duty must be received by CPDO in writing twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled start time (during regular business hours as posted on the website), to allow CPDO time to contact officers. Cancellations and revisions are to be emailed to changes@torontopolice.on.ca advising of what changes are being made or that the paid duty is cancelled. It is important to indicate the Paid Duty ID number and attach the original request.
I received an email stating my paid duty has been void? What is the difference between cancelled and void?
When you send written notice cancelling a Paid Duty with less than 24 hours' notice (during CPDO business hours) prior to the start of the Paid Duty, you will receive an email stating your Paid Duty has been cancelled and you will owe a 3 hour minimum charge for the Officers on the Paid Duty plus applicable fees and taxes as set out in the Terms of Agreement.

If you cancel your paid duty with more than 24 hours' notice (as set out in the Terms of Agreement) or your Paid Duty cannot be filled, CPDO will contact you and then proceed to void the Paid Duty. You will receive an email stating that your Paid Duty has been void with no fees owing.
How do I pay for paid duty service?
As of March 15, 2014 all customers must make the full payment at least 10 business days prior to the Paid Duty.

Paid duty officers shall not be paid directly. All paid duty payments shall be made payable to Toronto Police Service and mailed to Accounts Receivable, Toronto Police Service, 40 College Street, 10th floor, Toronto, ON M5G 2J3.

We accept the following payment methods:
  • Certified Cheque payable to the Toronto Police Service,
  • Money Order, payable to the Toronto Police Service,
  • Online payment at pay.torontopolice.on.ca. NEW PAYMENT OPTION
For more information, please refer to the “How to Pay Online” document and the “Terms of Agreement

For any paid duty accounting questions, please email paidduties.accounting@torontopolice.on.ca.

Online Payment

How do I pay online for the paid duty service?
To make an online payment, go to pay.torontopolice.on.ca.
For further assistance, please refer to “How To Pay Online” document. It may take 1 to 3 business days for a payment to be posted to your account.
How do I know if my online payment went through?
Once your payment transaction is processed, a payment receipt will be send directly to your email address that you have provided. It is important that all information entered in the payment application is accurate and free of any errors.
If I pay online, how do I know my payment information is secure?
Your credit card information is kept in digital form and securely stored using Moneris vault, provided by Moneris Solutions, Inc., a trusted provider of card transaction services. No credit card information is stored in any of Toronto Police Service servers.
What if there is a difference between estimated cost of the paid duty that I have prepaid and the actual cost of the paid duty event?
Any short payment is due immediately, payment of which is automatically processed. Per Consent Agreement, you agree to authorize Toronto Police Service to process automatically the required additional charges (the difference between estimated and actual cost) using the same Credit Card. You will also receive a payment receipt via email for your file.
I over-estimated, or overpaid my paid duty request. How do I claim for refund?
Email your request for refund to paidduties.accounting@torontopolice.on.ca The refund will be credited back to the same credit card used in the original transaction.
Alternatively, you may leave your credit balance (if you wish) for future paid duty requests.
Are there other payment methods available, aside from online payment?
These are other payment methods:
  • Certified Cheque or Money Order
    The money order or certified cheque should be made payable to Toronto Police Service and sent to Toronto Police Service, Accounts Receivable, 40 College Street, 10th floor, Toronto, ON M5G 2J3.
    It should be received at least 10 business days prior to paid duty event.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer / Direct Deposit
    Please email a blank EFT/Direct Deposit form to paidduties.accounting@torontopolice.on.ca.
anticipate that I will have high volume of paid duty requests or frequent booking of paid duty.
Rather than paying for each paid duty request, several options may be more suited for your needs such as security deposit or drawing from lump sum deposit.
To find out what payment solution works for your business needs, email paidduties.accounting@torontopolice.on.ca.
What is Toronto Police Service’s HST number?
HST #86740 2299 RT0001 (under City of Toronto)