Police Reference Check Program

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Police Reference Check Program

Police Reference Check Process

Records Management Services (“RMS”) will perform all police reference checks.

RMS will review the requesting agency’s originating documents (for example, copy of licences for daycare centres or articles of incorporation for a charity). Information on the registration process can be found on our information line: 416-808-7991.

RMS will then establish a contact person within each requesting agency to ensure consistent and accurate exchange of information and documentation, including invoices where applicable.

Where the Agency requires police reference checks from individuals applying for volunteer or employment opportunities (the “applicants”), the Service will only conduct police reference checks for an Agency with whom the Service has entered into a memorandum of understanding.  

A consent to disclosure form must be signed by each applicant seeking to have a reference check conducted.

When an agency with whom the Service has executed a memorandum of understanding requests a police reference check for a specific applicant, RMS will search the CPIC Investigative, Intelligence and Identifications data banks and Service data banks for the following information:

  • Outstanding criminal and provincial statute warrants
  • All outstanding charges before the courts
    (Charged entries, including conditional release information)
  • Probation information
    (Includes peace bonds, restraining orders, and reporting conditions)
  • All prohibitions
    (Includes firearms, driving, hunting and boat)
  • Persons of Interest
    (Includes persons who are suspected of committing criminal offences; persons involved in a serious criminal investigation; and persons who feel they are in danger of family violence)
  • Criminal Record Information
  • Special Address Information
    (Information pertaining to addresses involved in criminal activity or domestic situations)
  • Non-Indictable Information

All results of a police reference check will be released only to the applicant.

The Service will not directly disclose the results of any police reference check to an agency. 

After receiving their police reference check, an applicant may authorize a representative of RMS to speak with the applicable agency (with or without the applicant being present or participating) to confirm the general nature of the information included in the police reference check.

In the event that applicants disagree with the findings of the Service’s police reference check, they can contact RMS to discuss the nature of the information included in the police reference check.

On the rare occasion when the identification of the applicant is in question, the applicant will be required to contact the R.C.M.P. to complete a fingerprint and criminal record check to positively determine the identity/record of the individual. The use of the R.C.M.P. database is required to complete a comprehensive fingerprint and criminal record check.