Toronto Police Service Procedures

At its meeting in June 2020, City Council adopted 36 decisions related to policing reform. These decisions included areas of public safety, crisis response and police accountability. At its meeting on August 18, 2020, the Toronto Police Services Board approved 81 decisions on policing reform, including the reforms requested by City Council.

Recommendation #36 states:

Direct the Chief of Police to post on the Service’s public website, as soon as feasible and on an on-going basis, up-to-date copies of those procedures of public interest that govern the interaction of police with the public, in a form that will not endanger the efficacy of investigative techniques and operations.

As a public service organization, it is imperative for the Toronto Police Service to effectively communicate with the community we serve, especially in relation to providing information that could be useful to victims of crime and others wishing to engage our services.

Toronto Police Service procedures are developed and maintained by the Chief of Police, and contain direction from the Chief to all Service members. Many procedures detail the actions required by police officers to carry out their duties to ensure the highest level of service to the community. Other procedures provide direction to members in order to ensure effective management of the Service. Service procedures are living documents which are constantly under review to reflect such things as changes to legislation, Toronto Police Services Board's policies, Coroner's Jury recommendations, technology, and operational processes.

These documents are not written to provide legal advice. Anyone having specific legal questions should refer to the appropriate legislation and/or seek legal counsel.

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