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Get involved

How can I get involved in my neighbourhood?

TAVIS officer talks to the members of the publicA safe and liveable neighbourhood needs everyone to be involved, including you! There are a number of ways for you to participate. For example you can:
  • hold or attend a community meeting to discuss how to make your neighbourhood safer
  • create or participate in programs that may offer solutions to on-going problems
  • tell a police officer, or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477), about the crime and disorder problem in your neighbourhood

How can I get more information?

Simply call or drop into your local police station

How will I know if TAVIS is really working?

TAVIS officer talks to the neighbourhood children The Service has performance information, crime statistics and survey results on its website. But more importantly, you will know that TAVIS is working in your neighbourhood if you:
  • see and talk to more police officers in your neighbourhood
  • see fewer disorderly or suspicious people hanging around
  • see more families using the parks
  • hear about community meetings to discuss how to make your neighbourhood safer
  • feel safer

Can I tell you what I think about TAVIS?

Absolutely you can!
  • tell a police officer on the street or visit your neighbourhood division
  • visit or e-mail your neighbourhood division
  • e-mail a complaint or compliment through the Service’s website
  • every two weeks there is a different on-line poll on the Toronto Police website; just click on Have Your Say on our Home page.

Contact your local police station