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Provincial Government Announces Additional $10Million to Fund Toronto Police TAVIS Program
Provincial Government Announces Additional $10Million to Fund Toronto Police TAVIS Program video on YouTube

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The Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy (TAVIS) is an intensive, violence reduction and community mobilization strategy intended to reduce crime and increase safety in our neighbourhoods.

• TAVIS is led by the Toronto Police Service. Partners include Toronto Community Housing, the City of Toronto Divisions and others.

• TAVIS rolls out in three phases:

    (1) Additional Toronto Police Service officers are assigned to areas experiencing an increase in violent activity;

    (2) Once the neighbourhood is safe, "maintenance-level" enforcement continues with increased police/city/community member collaboration; and

    (3) "Normalized" policing provided as support to an empowered community.

TAVIS officers with community members

• An essential part of TAVIS is engagement with community members. It becomes the support system necessary to deal more effectively with the root causes of crime.

• The success of TAVIS is not based on the number of arrests made but on the reduction in crime, enhancement of public trust and confidence, and the building of relationships within the communities most affected by violence.

• TAVIS is a city-wide strategy and officers assigned to TAVIS can be found in any Toronto neighbourhood experiencing an increase in criminal activity.

• Additional TAVIS officers are assigned for the summer months to two or three identified neighbourhoods for the Neighbourhood TAVIS Initiative (NTI). These neighbourhoods are chosen using crime trend analysis, occurrence mapping and community consultation. They are identified because they are experiencing a disproportionate level of criminal activity for their size.

TAVIS officers with community members

What is Community Moblization?

For the Toronto Police Service, community mobilization is a way to bring all the people in your neighbourhood – residents, businesses, community and government services, and the police – together to plan and carry out activities that will resolve crime and disorder issues. What that really means, is that everyone has to commit to work together to improve your neighbourhood.