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Rapid Response Team

What is a Rapid Response Team?

TAVIS Rapid Response vehicle with its emergency lights on The Rapid Response Teams, each with 18 officers, have been given the task of increasing police visibility and enforcement in high-crime and high-risk neighbourhoods. They also:
  • support the division’s neighbourhood plans,
  • are involved in major street gang takedowns
  • patrol neighbourhoods to maintain order and reassure community members, especially after a violent event
  • check that offenders are complying with bail or court ordered conditions

While the Rapid Response Teams are probably the most visible part of TAVIS, the neighbourhood plans and community mobilization are the most important. The Rapid Response Teams and all the other specialized investigative squads are there to support your local division in implementing the neighbourhood plans.

What can I expect?

We expect that TAVIS will reduce crime, particularly violent crime, in neighbourhoods across Toronto. It will also help the community to take charge of their own neighbourhoods; you and your neighbours will have the primary role in solving problems and preventing crime.

The Toronto Police Service will, of course, continue to answer your calls for service and support you in your efforts to make your neighbourhood a better place to live and work.