Domestic Violence

Victim Services Toronto - High Risk Support Services

Immediate crisis response, intervention and prevention services for those affected by crime and sudden tragedies.

Victim Services Toronto - Safety Planning

To help you prepare for your safety in a variety of situations

Victim Support Line and Victim Notification 416-314-2447

A province-wide line providing a range of services to victims of crime including support services and offender information and to blocks calls from inmates. For offenders serving 6 months to 2 years less a day.

Parole Board of Canada

Provides information on a federal offender including length of sentence, parole hearing notifications, transfers, escapes etc... Victims must register to get updated information.

TPS Domestic Violence website

Click here to be linked to the TPS Domestic Violence website.

Domestic Violence Care Centre - Scarborough Grace - 416.495.2555
Domestic Violence Care Centre - Women's College Hospital - 416.323.6040

Dedicated services for males and females 12 years and older who have experienced a recent sexual assault or domestic violence.

Links to forms to confirm abuse with TCHC
Transfer form TCHC

Click here to download Toronto Community Housing Corporation's form to confirm abuse and to request a housing transfer and an application to transfer units.

Family Services Toronto - ABUSE
Family Services - Violence Against Women

Works primarily with women who are abused and children who have witnessed abuse in the home.

Assaulted Women's Helpline - 1.866.863.0511

Providing free, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week crisis counselling, emotional support, information and referrals via telephone to women in up to 154 languages- completely anonymous and confidential.

Self Help to apply for a restraining order

Click here for a information on how to apply for a restraining order.

The Schlifer Clinic - specialized clinic for women experiencing violence

Offering help, counselling and langugage interpretation to women who have experienced violence.

The Schlifer Clinic - Domestic Violence Resources  

Click here for links to resources.

The Schlifer Clinic - Counsellors/Advocates, Transitional Housing, Family Court Support, Interpreters

Cilck here for contacts at the Barbara Schlifer Clinic.

The Schlifer Clinic - Forced Marriages - Program Outburst

Outburst! is a program for young Muslim women in Toronto who are breaking silence and speaking out about violence.

Boost Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention – Assessment Directed Therapy Program

Assessment & therapy services for children and youth who have experienced abuse or violence, and to their families to help with recovery from trauma from abuse or violence.