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Community Resources


Dorset Park HUB

Multiagency Support: Servicing the area from Birchmount to Midland, 401 south to just south of Lawrence. Click here for a chart with services listed.

Access Point on Danforth

Multiagency Support - servicing the residents of Crescent Town, Teesdale, Secord-Lumsden and Dawes Rd. and new immigrants and refugees living in Toronto.

Victoria Park HUB 

Multiagency Support - servicing Flemington Park and Victoria Village.

The Jane St. HUB

Multiagencies Support - servicing the neighbourhood of Weston - Mt. Dennis.  Click here for a map of area serviced.

The Mid Scarborough HUB

Providing coordinated services to the residents of mid-Scarborough.

Rexdale HUB

Providing health, social, legal, employment and cultural services. Click here for a list of service providers.

Bathurst- Finch HUB

Serving the community of Westminister-Branson including legal, employment, counselling, health and dental care, mentoring and services for seniors.


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Contact Us

Victim Witness Support Co-ordinators
Const. Tony Riolo: 416-808-0136
Detective Ann-Marie Tupling: 416-808-0104