Traffic Services

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Traffic Services

Detective Office

A vehicle involved in a pedestrian collision

Members of the Detective Office (other than trained Reconstructionists) are responsible for carrying out the duties of a police officer in general but they are particularly responsible for the following:

  • the investigation of fatal and life threatening fail to remain collisions
  • case management for all fatal collisions
  • to provide investigative support to Divisional and Traffic Services officers
  • assist with special investigations
  • inquest preparations
  • the investigation of traffic related warrants
  • the investigation of traffic related personations
  • the investigation of personal injury fail to remain collisions unsolved by Divisional Traffic officers
  • the investigation of property damage fail to remain collisions referred by the Collision Reporting Centres
  • the investigation of all collisions involving a police officer, whether on duty or off duty, that involves a fatality or a life threatening injury
  • the investigation of any other transportation collision that is of a high profile nature or has occurred under unusual circumstances
  • the investigation of any pursuit involving injury or death where the Province of Ontario Special Investigation Unit invokes their mandate