Vulnerable Persons Registry

A man in a police uniform and a woman shaking handsThe Toronto Police Service Vulnerable Persons Registry is a voluntary database that provides important information to first responders about the issues that vulnerable members of the community might be coping with. The information in the database includes details such as specific behaviours officers might encounter, recommended de-escalation strategies and contact information for family members or other individuals who can provide support.

Dispatchers, police officers and other support personnel will then be able to access this information when they are interacting with the person. This leads to a better understanding of the causes for behaviours and provides officers with information about how to best assist the person. If, at any time, you wish to remove the information from the Vulnerable Persons Registry please do so by notifying the Toronto Police Service via the online portal.




Printable Vulnerable Persons Form

A printable version of the form is available to be used in place of the online entry. Agencies can also provide this form to their clients if necessary.


Terms and Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can provide this information to police?
A: The information will only be accepted if it is entered by the vulnerable person named in the record, their parent or guardian or a person with power of attorney or similar authority over the individual. A verification process will follow the data entry to ensure that the person entering the data had the authority to do so.

Q: What are the advantages of entering this information in the Vulnerable Persons Registry?
A: The information entered into this system becomes available to frontline police officers as soon as it has been verified. This provides frontline officers with important context about any behaviours they may observe when they are assisting a vulnerable person.

Q: What kind of information will be recorded?
A: The information can include the following but many fields are not mandatory:

  • The name, date of birth, address and description of the person

  • The name, address, contact information of the individual entering the data and any other support person who might be able to assist the person being registered

  • Behaviours that may be exhibited by the person

  • Locations where the person might be located if reported missing

  • Triggers or subjects to avoid discussing

  • It is not mandatory, but if the person entering the information wishes to do so they can also provide a photograph, information about the person’s physician and medical conditions.

Q: How does this differ from the Medic Alert Connect Protect program?
A: While the Toronto Police Service Vulnerable Persons Registry captures much of the same information as the Connect Protect program the information is used in different ways. Vulnerable Persons Registry information is available to officers before they arrive at a radio call while Connect Protect information is generally accessed after officers have identified that an individual is wearing a Medic Alert bracelet and requires assistance.

As a result, the Toronto Police Service strongly recommends registering in both initiatives. This ensures that vulnerable members of the community will receive the appropriate care and assistance that they might need. Please visit the Medic Alert Connect Protect sign-up page to register for that progam.

Q: How will this information be used by police?
A: This information will only be used by officers to obtain background information about people they are dealing with unless the person is reported missing. In those cases the missing person’s photograph (if provided), name and description may be shared with the media, TTC, Toronto Community Housing or Hospitals.

Q: Will this information be used in police background screenings?
A: No. The information provided in the Vulnerable Persons Registry will not be provided to potential employers or other civilian organizations.

Q: How long will the Toronto Police Service retain this information?
A: The registered person's information will remain in the database for two years. This time frame can be extended by the person who entered the data by adding a supplemental report to the original report.

Q: What if I want to remove a vulnerable person’s information from the database?
A: The person who submitted the information can request that it be removed from the registry at any time by sending a supplementary attachment to the original report.