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Organizational Culture Change

Friday, December 7, 2018:

The Toronto Police Service has a strong history of serving and protecting the people of Toronto. Toronto deserves a police service that demonstrates excellence in everything it does. We have worked purposefully to ensure operational excellence, of which we are very proud. At the same time, we know that to truly achieve our new organizational vision, we must evolve our workplace culture. We need to be where the people of Toronto need us most, embrace partnerships that create safe communities and focus on the complex needs of our city. To demonstrate excellence outside, we need to be an excellent place to work inside.

As part of our commitment to modernizing the Service, we have contracted MNP to complete an assessment of our workplace culture – the first formal review of this kind in our long history. With almost 3,500 total respondents, the assessment compared the Service’s culture with that of other public organizations, focusing on four key organizational traits: adaptability, mission, involvement and consistency. The focus was on these four key qualities because excellent organizations perform these traits very well.   This assessment was an honest look inside our organization and a critical first step in articulating the challenges facing the Service, so we can begin to address them together.

Cover page of the report

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The report aims to clearly define concerns felt by members of the Service and our community in real, honest and actionable terms. The findings show that the Service’s current culture is not set up to enable us to deliver on the new Service strategy. The Service performed below average on all four measures. We have work to do, but the first step is acknowledging we have challenges with our culture. Our communities, and the nature of our work have been changing at an accelerated pace.  We know that what made us successful in the past is not enough to move us to success in the future.   Our partner, MNP, made several recommendations to address our core cultural challenges. We’ve distilled them into actionable themes that represent challenges for our organization today. Together, as a Service, we are quickly working to prioritize efforts and take action.

Evolving our culture will benefit each and every one of us, and the communities we are all proud to serve. Our city, which is more diverse and vibrant than ever, requires service-oriented, community-focused teams with a cross section of competencies that complement our operational skills. We must be able to adapt more quickly to a constantly changing environment and shifting expectations.   

The cultural program will require input and participation from all levels of the Service. That is why we have launched #MYSERVICE – a comprehensive, multi-year effort focused on addressing the concerns raised in the assessment. Members from across the Service have been enlisted to participate in solution-focused working groups to address these issues.

This cultural program will not be easy or fast, but it is essential. We are committed to making a real impact and transforming how we work, so we can continue to serve our people and our community.

To learn more about #MYSERVICE, please contact Deputy Chief Barbara McLean, who is leading this initiative, at

Mark Saunders, O.O.M.
Chief of Police
Toronto Police Service