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Criminal Record Check (Level 1)

We are pleased to announce that Toronto Police Headquarters will reopen to the public effective September 7th, 2021. Our hours of operation are 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

All Criminal Record Checks and Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Checks can be applied for online using the online application portal. Alternatively, you may book an appointment to apply in person.


Information about Criminal Record Checks

A Criminal Record Check (Clearance Letter) is a document issued by the Toronto Police Service, produced on secured paper that indicates an applicant has no criminal convictions in the National Repository of Criminal Records maintained by the RCMP. This document can be produced in French upon request.

A Criminal Record Check will provide the following information:

  • Criminal convictions summary or indictable from CPIC and/or local databases
  • Findings of guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act within the applicable disclosure period

Criminal Record Checks are typically used for:

  • By-law licenses
  • Immigration
  • Employment positions not related to the Vulnerable Sector (retail, trades, banking, etc.)

Criminal Record Checks are not suitable for:

  • Employment/Volunteer positions that are in contact with the Vulnerable Sector (hospitals, daycares, elder care facilities, etc.)
  • National Parole Board or Ministry of Government Services for the purpose of a Record Suspension or Name Change

Who can apply?

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