Body-Worn Cameras

Close up of a police officer with a body-worn camera mounted just below the right shoulder


The Program

On August 18, 2020, the Toronto Police Service received approval from the Toronto Police Services Board, to move forward with Axon Canada in the delivery of Service-wide body-worn camera program. It is expected the program will be implemented at all divisions by November 2021.

Body-worn cameras provide an unbiased, independent account of police/community interactions.  They are an investment in the Toronto Police Service’s commitment to delivering accountable and transparent policing services.  Whether they are used to legitimize an engagement between an officer and a member of the public, provide evidence in court, or offer an unbiased alternative to allegations of misconduct, every frontline police officer will be equipped with a body-worn camera

When will the camera be used?

A police officer will turn on the body-worn camera prior to arriving at a call for service or prior to asking any sort of inquisitive question. A police officer will turn off the body-worn camera when the call for service or investigation is complete or when the officer determines that continuous recording is no longer serving its intended purpose.

To learn more about the body-worn camera technology used by the Toronto Police Service, please visit Axon Canada.