Get to Know Your Toronto Police Service Budget

Working towards a sustainable and affordable Police Service

Operating Budget Program Breakdown

A program by program breakdown of the Preliminary 2018 Operating Budget, including total staffing numbers and major categories of expenditure.

Open the document below to learn how to read our reports:

View the list of each program file available for download:

Or, open our interactive Organizational Chart to view budget and staff information by each Command area of the Service:

Operating Budget Line-by-Line Request

A detailed list of expenditures and revenues by account for the Toronto Police Service’s 2018 Preliminary Operating Budget request. Some historical actuals are included for comparison. View our line-by-line below:

Budget at a Glance

For budget highlights, check out our infographics:

Capital Budget

The preliminary 2018-2027 Capital Program Request is a list of all of our current and upcoming projects, along with reserve-funded expenditures. View our projects in this spreadsheet:

Budget Review Process

The Toronto Police Service budget goes through an extensive review process before being approved by Council. See an overview of this process in this chart:

Open Data

The Toronto Police Service posts a broad range of data for public viewing to assist in assessing trends and key indicators. Visit our Public Safety Data Portal to see how the City is doing with our interactive dashboards and maps:

How to Engage in the Budget Process

There are several opportunities to engage in the budget process both at Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) meetings and during budget deliberations at the City of Toronto. For TPSB meetings, watch for the public Agenda for more information. Touchpoints for engagement this year are: