infographic showing a text Competitive Candidate and a silhouette of a person with a police hat, filled with words of various qualities a candidate should posses such as honest, fair, impartial, honourable, etc.

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What are the duties of Auxiliary Officers?

The primary duty of an Auxiliary officer is to perform police duties when accompanied and supervised by a Police Officer. Some areas where Auxiliary Officers are often used are:

  • Community Response initiatives,

  • Canvassing and searching with respect to evidence or missing persons,

  • Maintaining Police perimeters,

  • Registration and/or identification of community property (i.e. bicycles),

  • Community functions and events such as Police week, parades & Fairs,

  • Community safety audits and participate in other crime preventions programs,

  • Renewal of community night listing data,

  • Serving on community policing committees,

  • Assistance with the operation of the Toronto Police Information booths, community Police offices and collision reporting centres.
An TPS Auxiliary officer and several Mounted Unit officers on horses holding flags