infographic showing a text Competitive Candidate and a silhouette of a person with a police hat, filled with words of various qualities a candidate should posses such as honest, fair, impartial, honourable, etc.

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Salary, Benefits, Career Development

Our commitment is you!

The Toronto Police Service is committed to its employees both on duty and off duty and to prove this commitment, the service provides its members with some of the industry’s leading salaries, comprehensive benefits, effective wellness programs and the chance to develop their personal and professional skills though rewarding opportunities.

Salary and Benefits

The following table represents the salary structure for Toronto Police Service Constables, as of December 2019.

Toronto Police Service Base Salary

Cadet in Training $63,564.98
4th Class Constable $70,643.30
3rd Class Constable $80,747.14
2nd Class Constable $90,836.35
1st Class Constable $100,923.48

Compensation and Benefits

As a full-time employee of the Toronto Police Service you will be entitled to the following compensation and benefits:

  • Family Health Care Plan,
  • Family Dental Plan,
  • Vision/Hearing Care,
  • Pay Direct Pharmaceutical Card,
  • Life Insurance,
  • Paid Vacation,
  • On-site fitness facilities,
  • Access to the Police Credit Union, for additional information please visit,
  • Pension Plan (OMERS),
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program,
  • Parental/Maternity Leave.

Career Development

The Toronto Police Service is serious about personal and professional development and therefore, prides itself in providing its members with the most up-to-date training resources available in the field to ensure that each and every officer’s personal and professional developmental ambitions are fulfilled.

One way to ensure personal and professional satisfaction is the choice given to members. With over 180 different career opportunities within the Toronto Police Service, members are encouraged to seek out the challenges that interest them the most. Where do you see yourself?

  1. Primary Response Unit
  2. Community Response Unit
  3. Emergency Task Force
  4. Financial Crimes Unit
  5. Forensic Identification Services
  6. Homicide Squad
  7. Mounted Unit
  8. Marine Unit
  9. Police Dog Services
  10. Public Safety Unit
  11. Sex Crimes Unit
  12. Traffic Services

For those individuals interested in increasing their organizational leadership with the service, the Toronto Police Service offers its members a chance to participate in the promotional process in order to move up the organizational ranks.

Below are the various rank insignia found on the epaulettes of Toronto Police Service uniforms.

Rank Insignia