Combined Emergency Services Learning Network


· Toronto Police Service
· Toronto EMS
· Toronto Fire Service
· Barrie Police Service
· Hamilton Police Service
· Kingston Police Service
· Cobourg Police Service
· Windsor Police service
· Ontario Provincial Police
· Peel Regional Police Service
· South Simcoe Police Service
· York Regional Police Service
· Chatham-Kent Police Service
· Halton Regional Police Service
· Niagara Regional Police Service
· Durham Regional Police Service
· Waterloo Regional Police Service
· Ontario Police College – Communications Programs


What is the Communications
Learning Network?

The Communications Learning Network was established in 2002 to develop and deliver shared maintenance-training programs, in an in-house training format, that can be utilized by all participating Police Service Communications trainers.


Why was the
Communications Learning
Network established?

Ontario Regulation 3/99 states that each Police Service must have a “Maintenance” program for Communications members. By developing this network, participants working together are able to share the workload and costs for maintenance training for Communications members thus resulting in a reduced cost for training preparation. A program such as this will result in a consistency of maintenance-training material, a sharing of training ideas, and assist in developing partnerships within our Communications training organizations.


What is available upon becoming an active member?

A password which provides access to:

  • Lessons and course training standards (Ministry Standard Format per Ontario Regulation 3/99)
  • Reference material where applicable
  • Workbooks and or quizzes
  • A contact sheet of Communications training personnel belonging to this Communications Learning Network


Table of Contents

Customer Service Liability Critical Incident Stress By-law issues
Back to Basics - Part 1 Ethics Wireless E9-1-1 Issues Court Preparation
Back to Basics - Part 2 EAP 9-1-1 P.E.R.S. Person In Authority
Suicide Freedom of Information Freedom of Stress Domestics
Pursuits Critical Incidents Team Building Interpreting Meaning


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