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Communications Services


Welcome to the Toronto 9-1-1 Call Centre!

Toronto Police Service Communications Services call centre is the PSAP (Public Safety Answer Point) for the City of Toronto (including all six former municipalities).

As the PSAP, we answer all 9-1-1 calls and then re-route the caller to Toronto Fire Services or Toronto Emergency Medical Services, if the call warrants.

communcations services call centre floor

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Daily operations

Our call centre is divided into a calltaking area and a dispatch area. Our communications operators may be assigned to either area for the day. Communications operators assigned to calltaker duties answer both emegency 9-1-1 calls, non-emergency calls and handle internal requests. Communications operators assigned to dispatch duties give out calls for service to the police officers on the road, handle requests for information from officers and manage multiple radio equipped units (divisional, plain clothes and specialized units).

All of our civilian communications operators work on five platoons, rotating through days, afternoons and nights on a five week cycle.

Our communications operators answer over 2,000,000 calls per year in our call centre.

one of the communcications operators at his workstation

We handle all kinds of calls...

Communications operators handle life-threatening situations on the 9-1-1 lines and they also handle low key non-emergency calls.

Communications operators answer calls from several different sources. First, of course, are those in crisis via 9-1-1. We handle non-emergency calls transfered to us from our switchboard. We have dedicated lines we answer for RIDE, alarm companies and the TTC. We also handle internal requests from other members of the Service.

kinds of calls assembled in a collage of words

Communications Operator of the Year

You can read the story that lead to our members being selected as Communications Operator of the Year.