Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit (CPEU) is committed to providing an effective, efficient and economical support service to Service members in the practical application of Community Mobilization principles, as well as developing, enhancing and maintaining constructive community partnerships.

CPEU continues to include a number of community mobilization functions that support the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Mobilization & Engagement Model of Community Policing adopted by the Toronto Police Service.

Community Mobilization Support includes Neighbourhood Resource Officers and Youth Response Support. The TPU provides an increased level of policing on the transit system to enhance the safe, efficient and orderly operation of the mass transit system(s) throughout the City of Toronto.

Members of CPEU are working in communities with Community Response Unit officers from each division, providing expertise on community and youth engagement. Another critical area is Crime Prevention Support, which includes the Auxiliary Program as well as victim and witness support.

CPEU provides a more effective, efficient and economical way of doing business both internally and externally, while being more operational and supportive of field units.