14 Division is comprised of a diverse population representing people of different origins and ethnicity (population 174,341). Although one of the smallest Divisions in area size (13.6 sq./km.), it is considered one of the busiest Divisions within the Toronto Police Service.

Policing the areas that border with 14 Division are:

The station is located at 350 Dovecourt Rd. near the intersection of Dundas St. W. and Dovercourt Rd. The station is accessible via the TTC streetcar. There is limited street parking on Dovercourt Road and Harrison Street. A public parking lot is available east of the station off Harrison Street. If arriving by public transportation, exit at Dovercourt Road and walk north. If travelling on Dundas St. W. or walk south if travelling on College St. The public entrance is on the northeast corner of Dovercourt Rd. and Harrison St.