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Disciplinary Hearings Office

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40 College St, Suite 213, Toronto, ON , M5G 2J3
Phone: 416-808-7244
Fax: 416-808-7662
Officer in Charge: Superintendent Riyaz Hussein


Disciplinary Hearings Office hearing room

The Disciplinary Hearings Office performs the duties of the Chief of Police for the purpose of conducting disciplinary Hearings pursuant to Part V of the Police Services Act (PSA) and in accordance with the Statutory Powers Procedure Act (SPPA).

Presided over by a Hearing Officer, the Tribunal is a quasi-judicial forum where allegations of serious breaches of the Code of Conduct (Reg123/99 of the PSA) against police officers are adjudicated.  All parties, including the subject officer and public complainant, have the opportunity to present relevant evidence, tender exhibits and make submissions in support of their position.

Tribunal proceedings are open to the public unless a ruling has been made pursuant to exceptions provided for in section 9 of the SPPA, i.e. matters involving public security, intimate financial or personal matters.  All proceedings are recorded verbatim and usually anything presented becomes part of the public record.

The Tribunal generally sits Monday to Friday commencing at 9:00 am and a bi-weekly schedule of upcoming Hearings is posted by the Tribunal entrance.  The decisions of the Tribunal are posted on Routine Orders and the Intranet.

Inquiries about the Tribunal’s schedule or decisions can be made by contacting the Service’s Corporate Communications unit at 416-808-7100.