Know Your Rights

City environment with people crossing the street

Racism and racial profiling are pressing and substantial problems that hurt individuals and poison our communities. Left unchecked, they deny the possibility of living in a just society. When the Ontario government banned carding on January 1, 2017, it was a vital step forward in concretely addressing racism and racial profiling in Toronto. Much work remains to be done, including the work of providing people with information about carding and the rights enacted in 2017 when the practice was banned. To learn more about your rights when engaging with a police officer, please watch this video.

This video refers to legislation, policies, and procedures. Please visit our Resources page for more information.

This video is the result of the dedicated work of many community members who came forward to help the Toronto Police Service improve its effort to inform the public and its members. The group, led by Inspector Kelly Skinner of the Toronto Police Service and Knia Singh, Principal Lawyer at Ma’at Legal Services, included Yvette Blackburn (Global Jamaica Diaspora Council, GJDC – Canadian Representative), Jennifer Chambers (Executive Director of the Empowerment Council), Stephen Linton, and Stephen McCammon (Legal Counsel at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario)..