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2021 Canada Road Safety Week Results,
Road Safety Campaign Update,
More than 3,400 tickets issued

Broadcast time: 10:25
Date: Thursday, May 27, 2021
Unit: Traffic Services
Phone: 416-808-1900

More than 3,400 tickets were issued to motorists as part of a week of action and engagement.

From Monday, May 18 to Monday, May 24, 2021, officers took part in Canada Road Safety Week by educating motorists and enforcing collision-causing behaviours. Officers focused on “The Big 4” behaviours known to cause injuries to people using our roads, including speeding, aggressive, distracted and impaired driving.

This week was also supported by media partners and members of the public on social media who helped spread this year’s Canada Road Safety Week theme of #NotWorthTheRisk. The theme highlights the importance of understanding the decisions you make behind the wheel and the consequences of those actions. They don’t just affect you, but also impact your family and your community.

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Tickets issued included:

Speeding – 1.921
Aggressive driving – 616
Distracted driving – 130
Other – 811

Additionally, officers laid eight stunt driving related infractions, where the drivers received a suspension and their vehicles were impounded. A total of nine impaired-related arrests were also made.

Sergeant Jason Kraft of Traffic Services thanked everyone who spread the traffic safety message and brought awareness to the importance of safe driving practices. Even though the campaign has ended, the conversation of traffic safety continues. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Follow us on social media:

Twitter: @TrafficServices.

Instagram: @TrafficServices.

TikTok: @TrafficServices.

Sergeant Jason Kraft, Traffic Services