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26 arrests made at Lamport Stadium encampment

Broadcast time: 20:10
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Unit: Corporate Communications
Phone: 416-808-7100
Case #: 2021-1368167

Today the Toronto Police Service supported the City of Toronto staff as they assisted those living in the encampment at Lamport Stadium with alternative accommodation.

Throughout the day, officers were on site and assisted the City where needed. Crowds of protesters gathered at the closed park to interfere with the City’s efforts and confront police.
Repeated efforts were made to engage with people and explain to them that a Trespass to Property notice had been served and they were required to leave.

These efforts were largely ignored and the crowds became confrontational and hostile.
Due to the dynamic situation, resources from other areas of the city were deployed to ensure the safety of everyone at the site and the wider public.

As a last resort, and in partnership with City staff, officers carried out enforcement, responding proportionately and using minimal force. Objects were thrown at police, an officer was spat at, while an unknown noxious substance was also sprayed at police. As a result, three officers suffered injuries.

A total of 26 arrests were made for offences such as assault with a weapon, obstruct police, assault peace officer, and trespass. No one arrested required hospital treatment for physical injuries.

A hatchet, knives and metal objects were recovered from the site as well as more than 200 syringes which were safely disposed of by City staff. To date, more than 200 calls for service were generated from the encampment.

Jason Young, 38, who was living on the site, was arrested and charged with:

1. Assault With Weapon
2. Assault Peace Officer

Kelsey McNulty, 18, was arrested and charged with:
1. Assault With Weapon

Adam Golding, 39, was arrested and charged with:
1. Obstruct Police

Jordan Seccareccia, 30, was arrested and charged with:
1. Assault Peace Officer

Trae Fraser-Gallemit, 21, was arrested and charged with:
1. Assault Peace Officer

Barbara Rowe, 31, was arrested and charged with:
1. Assault Peace Officer
2. Assault with Weapon

Court dates have not yet been determined but most of the charged individuals will be released.

A total of 19 others were charged under the Trespass to Property Act.

Detectives will continue to investigate any further crimes and identify those involved. Charges can be laid at a later date.

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