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Central Paid Duty Office

2021 Rates for Officers and Equipment


The hourly rate of pay as of January 1st, 2021

Police Constables (all classifications) $77.00 (minimum $231.00)
Sergeants (when in charge of 4 or more police officers) $87.50 (minimum $262.50)
Staff Sergeant (when in charge of 10 or more police officers) $96.00 (minimum $288.00)

(Please note that any partial hour worked will be charged the full hourly rate for both Police Constables and police equipment)


The hourly rate for police equipment is

Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle$37.38 per hour (minimum three hours)
Motorized Boat$350.47 per boat (for first three hours)
$105.61 per boat (for each subsequent hour)
Rowboat$53.27 per assignment
Trailer or Bicycle$21.50 per assignment
Horse or Dog$53.27 per assignment

(Please Note: Due to time required to prepare horses, an additional hour will be required for the Police Constable)