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Professional Standards


The purpose of Professional Standards is to contribute to the achievement of the Toronto Police Service's mandate and priorities by:

  • providing an effective and efficient support service
  • ensuring that the prescribed Service standards concerning the administration, promotion and support of professionalism, which includes the practices, conduct, appearance, ethics and integrity of its members, strengthens public confidence and co-operation within the community

Accordingly, in addition to ensuring compliance with Police Services Act and the Governance and Procedures of the Toronto Police Service, Professional Standards, under the direction of a Staff Superintendent, is responsible for:

  • managing the activities of the Professional Standards-Investigative Unit and the Professional Standards-Risk Management Unit and the Legal Services
  • administering the awards program for police officers, civilian members, members of the community, external organizations and other groups
  • liasing with the Ontario Civilian Police Commission
  • liaising with Office of the Independent Police Review Director
  • providing a liaison function with the Provincial Special Investigations Unit (SIU), along with conducting & co-ordinating the administrative investigations dictated by O. Reg. 267/10 in relation to the invocation of the SIU mandate
  • providing training to Service members and assisting with community education programs